I Hit a Deer on New Year's Eve

Hitting a deer on New Year's Eve, totaling my car, being stuck in Lander, Wyoming, and now being car-less wasn't exactly how I pictured starting 2018. But the unexpected outcomes from this adventure are far more than I could have ever imagined. Holy moly- the silver linings are just outrageous. I'll tell you the whole story:

I'm a part of a World Race Alumni Facebook Group. A sweet girl, Alysse posted in the group asking if anyone had connections in Casper, Wyoming. I was tagged in the post (shout out to Meredith) and Alysse messaged me. She told me how her sister Courtney was flying in to the Casper Airport and needed a ride to Lander, Wyoming to get to her NOLS training. I committed to help her out.

Courtney and I :) New friends!

Courtney and I :) New friends!

Courtney arrived Saturday evening at the airport and I brought her to my home. The next morning, my boyfriend came over to check out my car and make sure it would be good to go, then he left to go skiing. When Courtney and I were ready to go, we couldn't find my car keys anywhere. Turns out, Luke took them with him up the mountain! Luckily we reached him right before his phone died from being too cold.

So finally, leaving an hour and a half later than planned, we hit the slick roads of Wyoming. Courney and I chatted along the way and became friends. We were literally SIX minutes from where we needed to be when a freaking deer came out of nowhere and collided into the front of my car going about 60mph. I screamed "SHIT" and slowly came to a stop on the side of the road, as poor Bambi went flying ahead of us.

I hope these photos don't offend anyone. After crying my eyes out, Courtney thought these photos would be funny to do. And she was so right. I'm glad we did them.

So after I hit Bamabi, a super nice man named Carl was driving behind me and saw the whole thing. He came to our rescue pulling Bambi off the middle of the road and getting Courtney to her training on time. We were seriously SO close!

I hung out with her at the WYSS Campus while I figured out what to do next. And this is when I started to see God work all things out for me in the most amazing way.

Marcio, one of the instructors with NOLS gave me a ride into town. Luke has family in Lander and they were heading off to ring in the New Year, but they left their home unlocked for me to stay. I have NEVER met them. They just opened their home, no questions asked. I hung out there with their huge (friendly- praise God) Husky and 2 cats until Luke arrived.

YUPP! My amazing boyfriend left Casper as soon as he hear what happened. He truly is my knight in shining armor. Or in this case, ski gear. He came straight off Casper Mountain to me.

The roads were super sketchy so we decided to stay in Lander. We spent New Year's Eve together. We created memories that we will never forget. We had a fancy dinner at this great restaurant and stayed in at a nice hotel.

Cowfish Restuarnat. My favorite meal of 2017!

Cowfish Restuarnat. My favorite meal of 2017!

The next morning, we tried to figure out what to do with my car. (Still a process...) But turns out it would cost more to fix it than I paid to buy it. I unfortunately only had liability on it (since it was a $1,500 old 1997 Honda CR-V). After talking to my amazing insurance agent, Johnathan, it hit me that I no longer have a vehicle. That news shook me a little bit and I still am processing it as I write this at my home wanting to run errands but unable to.

Luke drove me back to Casper on New Years Day. We had a fun little road trip together. Luke is so kind and even pulled over to show me Hell's Half Acre since I've never been and he took some yoga photos that I insisted on. I fell so much more in love with him as he rescued me and became my hero.


I mention all the names of the amazing people that helped me because I know that God put those people in my path. My new friend, Courtney, the nicest stranger, Carl, my ride into town, Marcio, the safe space, Luke's family, my insurance agent, Johnathan, and my loving boyfriend/hero, Luke.

Now as I am car-less, God's reminding me of the opportunity He's given me through the company He led me to- A FREE CAR THROUGH MARY KAY. I finally have the motivation and drive (no pun intended) needed to earn a free car. I'm putting this out there so the world can hold me accountable and watch my journey as I try try try to earn a free car. I'm so excited to do the work, trust God, and shoot for the stars.

Until then, I have no clue what I will do about transportation. I am praying and hoping that I'll get that figured out soon. But for now, first things first, I must praise God for all He did and how He watched out for me.

I'm so thankful that Courtney arrived safely at her training, that neither of us were hurt, that I had all these amazing people to help me, that Luke and I got to spend the most special New Year together, and that Bambi is in Deer Heaven (hopefully).

Here's to 2018! A year of adventures, apparently! I'm soooo excited for all to come.