Tips to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Y'all, a few days ago I saved $26 in one grocery trip! And spent only $50 on groceries that I planned to last me at least a week and a half (trying to stretch them for 2 weeks, along with what I already have at home). I was so excited, I HAD to share with you! I have been really getting into saving and couponing, but I wouldn't call myself an extreme couponer, by any means. However, I think I know enough to share my insights and help others start saving now!!! Here are a few tricks and tips:

I shop at different grocery stores

I know lots of people have a favorite grocery store. I have a few favorites for different reasons. But when it comes to specific shopping needs, I know which stores I prefer to shop at. Some stores have different deals going at different times. Until the end of February, go to Albertson's! They have SO many awesome deals right now. My coffee was only $5 and ice cream for only $2! Those are necessities in my house! ;) 

I just have learned where things are cheaper or better quality. For example, Walmart's eggs are literally always the cheapest, and we go through a LOT of eggs, so even if we buy all of our groceries somewhere else, we go to Walmart for eggs. Smith's has cheap and amazingly fresh produce (though I don't make it to Smith's as often as I wish). Ridley's have pretty good deals on meat a lot (which we go through incredibly quickly). Natural Grocers has a lot of random deals on high quality food that might be close to it's expiration. I get bread on sale there a lot and will put it in the freezer! I loveeee high quality, lots of nuts and seeds, whole grain organic bread, so this is a favorite trick of mine.


I use the Ibotta app

This might be my favorite app on my phone. You literally get CASH back for grocery shopping! It's like a no-brainer. I am about to get my $35 sent to my PayPal account, just like that. Free money. It's an extremely east to use app, and gives cash back on so many items that you are already buying! Example, $1 back every time I buy greek yogurt, or 50 cents back on toilet paper? Yes, please!

 If you use my referral code (hixqhat or use this link), you automatically get $5! Once you're signed up, you can earn another $10 in welcome codes. Then, earn just $5 more dollars from shopping and you can withdrawl your $20 (PayPal or Venmo) or get a gift card (Amazon, Target, etc). Plus if you sign up with my code, you get to be on my team, and as we earn free money back, we have chances for bonuses!! More free money, just for working together! It's crazy.

I use Krazy Coupon Lady app

I'm not the best at using this app yet. I am still a newbie. This app does far more than I use it for. I like to use it to find out what deals are out there. Seriously, they go hunting for deals and share them and it's AWESOME! A lot of the deals they share aren't even posted at the stores. For example, single packs of gum were 50% off at Target with the cartwheel app (Luke loves gum but misses the 90's when gum packs were only 25cents a pack haha). I love this app just for how it leads me to deals. Some deals require that you print coupons, and I'm a little too lazy to at times. So I don't take full advantage of the app yet, but I'm excited to use it more! I'm also learning a ton about stacking deals and using multiple offers from this app!


Wear good walking shoes and take your time

I am one of those weird people who LOVES grocery shopping. Like, so much so that I wish I could be a Personal Grocery Shopper for a living. I love spending my time in the lively and beautiful environment. I personally, take my time comparing prices (looking at the price per ounce!), flipping through each store's coupon/weekly deal paper, and scanning the store for awesome deals going on. I understand that this isn't an option for everyone. But no matter what I recommend comfy walking shoes so you can enjoy yourself.:)


Well those tips should be good to start anyone off on their saving adventures! :) Please share any other tips you have! I would LOVE to hear them!!